Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Seashore (Beira-Mar) (2015)

During a weekend in the winter, two young men attempt to rekindle their friendship, witnessed by a cold raging sea. BEIRA-MAR is a film about memories. When the directors met in film school, they realized they had had a very similar upbringing, sharing the same fears and similar desires. They both grew up spending their summers on the very same beach, although they never actually met during that time. Consequently, they decided to build the two main characters based on each other's experiences of when they were 18 years-old. Their film became the amalgamation of these memories, from this important moment of their lives, and ultimately a celebration of such unique coincidence. BEIRA-MAR was selected as one of the six works-in-progress screenings at the prestigious Toulouse's Cine en Construccion.

Ο Μάρτιν και ο Τόμας αφού ήταν καλοί φίλοι εδώ και χρόνια, βρίσκονται 

τώρα στην ενηλικίωση τους. Ο πατέρας του Μάρτιν τον στέλνει στη νότια 
Βραζιλία, από όπου προέρχεται η οικογένεια, για κάτι δουλείες οπού 
παίρνει μαζί του και τον Τόμας. Και για τους δυο τους, η σύντομη εκδρομή
 γίνεται ένα ταξίδι για αυτούς. Δεν είναι μόνο η θάλασσα που φτάνει 
σχεδόν στις πόρτες του εξοχικού σπιτιού, αλλά η αμείλικτη έλξη σε 

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