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Alexander (2004) Director's Cut, Uncensored


Alexander and his companion Hephaistion never hid that they considered themselves a couple like Achilles and Patroclus (Homer's Iliad, "Troy"). When Alexander liberated Troy from the Persian yoke, he and Hephaistion offered together sacrifices and libations to the tombs of the two heroes. They had "one soul in two bodies" as their tutor, philosopher Aristotle, had put it. Another philosopher, Diogenes of Sinope, wrote about "Alexander's yielding to Hephaistion's thighs". Alexander's "Persian Boy" Bagoas was a real person and the king's biographers clearly say that the king "herasthi sfodra" Bagoas i.e "he loved Bagoas very very much". The scene, where the king kisses Bagoas in public, is a historical fact.

The film raised a storm of anger and protest in Greece by the clergy and
the political elite and it was heavily censored in our country. All
homo-erotic scenes with Bagoas were cut, as well as the love dialogues
with Hephaistion, the scenes with philosopher Aristotle, where he extols
and praises friendship and love between men, the scene where king
Philippe rapes Pausanias, a young officer, who later murders the king
etc etc

Oliver Stone's "Alexander" is a quite accurate film about the great
king. It's based on the books written by Ptolemy, Curtius, Plutarch and
Arrian. General Ptolemy was an eye witness of Alexander's life, fought
with him and later became king of Egypt.The three latter writers have
based their books on Ptolemy's books. However when the great library of
Alexandria was burnt by the Romans 48 bC, then by the early Christians
391 AD [see film "Agora" 2009 with Rachel Weisz] and then by the Moslems
642 AD, all of Ptolemy's original work in Greek was lost.
This is the uncensored, full version of the film, which I also saw for
the first time now, in December 2014 ! The only thing that I found
ridiculous was Angelina Jolie's heavy russian(?) accent, when it's known
that Queen Olympias was a princess of the Greek tribe of the Molossians
of Epirus and claimed descent from Achilles himself.

Το παρόν φιλμ είναι η πλήρης έκδοση τού σκηνοθέτη, χωρίς λογοκρισία ή περικοπές. Η ταινία είχε λογοκριθεί άγρια στην Ελλάδα και
κάθε ομοερωτική σκηνή ή διάλογος ή σχετική υπόνοια είχαν κοπεί, λόγω τών
σφοδρότατων αντιδράσεων τού Κλήρου και τής πολιτικής μας ελίτ. 

Τι λέει ο Colin Farrell για την αμφισβητούμενη σεξουαλικότητα του Αλέξανδρου; «Ναι, ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος ήταν αμφισεξουαλικός. Όμως στην εποχή του δεν
υπήρχαν έννοιες που να προσδιορίζουν την ομοφυλοφιλία, την ετεροφυλία
και τον αμφισεξουαλισμό. Οι άντρες πήγαιναν με άλλους άντρες και
μοιραζόντουσαν τις εμπειρίες τους, ενώ οι γυναίκες τεκνοποιούσαν.
Αργότερα βάλαμε ετικέτες σε όλα αυτά και μια μειοψηφία αποφάσισε τι ήταν
σωστό και τι λάθος.

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