Friday, July 18, 2014

Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (The Way He Looks) (2014)

 A simple, minimalist movie, very different from the current productions. Instead of explosions, too much talk, chop edition, grandiloquent music, Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho show the daily lives of ordinary teenagers, revealing their questions, doubts, conflicts, always in a subtle, gentle way. With very little, Daniel Ribeiro conveys much. The film speaks to teens who identify with the characters, especially the gay teens, but goes further by advocating tolerance and relativize the desire ... The world would be better if there were more movies like this one. Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho won the Fipresci prize at Berlin Film Festival. The Hollywood Repórter wrote about the fist work of Daniel Ribeiro: “A blind boy falls in love with another boy - but it’s his desire for independence that’s the motor of this beautifully observed drama” ...

 Ένα τυφλό αγόρι ερωτεύεται ένα άλλο αγόρι. Όμως η επιθυμία για ανεξαρτησία είναι η δύναμη αυτής της ταινίας...Ένα διαμαντάκι από την Βραζιλία που το 8,5 στα 10 που του δίνει το IMDb είναι απόλυτα δίκαιο...
 Ελληνικοί Υπότιτλοι kendo.
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