Saturday, February 8, 2014


The Shocking Film That Tells The Truth About Russia
With the Russian PR machine in high gear for the Olympics, this British documentary uncovers what's really happening to LGBT people.
A new documentary tells the story of, "The real Russia, a place where gay people are hunted like animals." And it's so eye-opening that it's being praised and shared worldwide.

Filmmakers aired Hunted on Channel 4 in Britain this week, just before the start of the Olympics in Russia, showing how they went inside the gangs that entrap LGBT people and then subject them to violent abuse. In one scene early in the film, attackers head to an LGBT film festival and cameras are along to record their particular brand of intimidation. It gets worse from there. Despite numerous stories out of Russia about intimidation, little has captured what it's like to live through it.
Hunted is a must-watch, and a must-share:

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