Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hard (1998)

John W. Huckert directed this thriller that begins when bearded Jack (Malcolm Moorman) picks up a young desert hitchhiker. Homosexual homicide detective Ray Vates (Noel Palomaria) hangs out at a bar where his ex, Doug (Arron Zeffron), is the bartender. As a rookie, Ray gets a razzing from other cops, so he doesn't discuss his gay way of life. Meanwhile, with bodies of various hitchhikers surfacing, Ray and his partner Ellis (Charles Lanyer) investigate. Ray's encounter with Jack doesn't go well, since Ray is seduced by Jack, who confesses to the killings but then leaves Ray handcuffed to the bed. It's an awkward situation, since Ray must "out" himself so he won't be viewed as a suspect. Homophobic reactions from the other cops (Ellis excepted) eliminates any possibility of police back-up during the final horrific showdown at an abandoned theater. Shown at the 1998 San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Festival.
Με Ενσωματωμένους Ελληνικούς Υπότιτλους.

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