Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Notre Paradis (2011)

A tale of love, sex and violence between two Parisian rent boys.

When Vassilli, a Parisian rent boy, finds his customers are starting to think he is too old at 30, he starts developing a murderous compulsion for revenge. In the midst of such brutality he also befriends a younger rent boy who he discovers badly beaten up at an outdoor cruising park. Love blossoms with Angel but the killing doesn’t stop; this dramatic tale of sex, violence and love isn’t for the faint of heart. An urgent need to leave Paris offers Vassili the chance to catch up with a former close friend and her son in Lyon. His intention is to take Angel to the luxurious mountain home of a once faithful customer, the ‘paradise’ of the title, but can he resist the downward spiral? Gaël Morel, first seen as an actor in André Téchiné’s Wild Reeds, is a director of note whose films include Three Dancing Slaves and Après Lui.

Language: French
Subtitle: English (hard)

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