Wednesday, April 18, 2012

North Sea Texas (2011)

Silver Zenith Award & FIPRESCI Prize @ Montreal World Film Festival, 2011
Alice in the City Award @ International Rome Film Festival, 2011

"North Sea Texas," a poignantly rendered coming-of-ager from tyro Belgian helmer Bavo Defurne, delicately captures the ecstasy of first love and the heartache of frustrated desire. - Variety

Pim lives in a small town on the Belgian coast, together with his single mother Yvette, a local accordion starlet. It’s an ordinary existence which Pim brightens up by dreaming of princesses, beauty queens and handsome Gino, the boy next door. But when hunky traveller Zoltan blows through town, Pim’s life takes an exciting and unexpected turn.

North Sea Texas is the feature film debut from cult director Bavo Defurne, whose short films, love letters to the male form and soaked with lush visuals, have garnered fans from across the globe. the pic benefits from an artful combination of naturalistic performances and attractively stylized visuals, aided by judicious use of an evocative score. The isolated seaside location (unspecified in the film but shot in Ostende) practically becomes a character itself, with gorgeous shots of crashing waves, blowing reeds and empty sand dunes employed lyrically throughout.

Dutch with English Hardcoded Subtitles.

*** The English subtitle you see here is an original translation made by the lgbt-exclusive scene group QaFoNE. Should you find any misinterpretation, please feel free to submit. The official English copy will be available in August (UK) and October (US). If you enjoy the film, please support filmmakers by purchasing copyrighted DVDs.

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