Friday, January 27, 2012

Romeos (2011)


Gay men and a trans audiences will fall for this sexy, romantic social drama from Germany about a handsome FTM 19-year-old and the masculine gay man he falls in love with.


Delivering a twist on trans stories, Romeos, a taut, sexy romantic drama, follows a 19-year-old pre-op FTM who falls for an openly gay man.

Lukas (played by cute male actor Rick Okon) is a handsome young man, but was born a woman. He is undergoing hormone replacement therapy, and still has breasts that he keeps bound and hidden. His new male life is complicated when he is frustratingly assigned to a female dorm while doing community service. Stressed by the unfamiliar surroundings and insecure with his new body, Lukas is aided by his lesbian friend, Ine (Liv Lisa Fries), who keeps his secret when he reenters the world as a man. Lured by Ine and his new friends, Lukas ventures into Cologne’s gay nightlife where he meets Fabio (Maximilian Befort), a cocky, dark-haired gay hunk who beds whom he pleases. The two opposites strike up a friendship, but when Fabio begins to make romantic moves, Lukas is forced into making a decision: end contact or tell him and face the consequences.

Lukas’s courage to live his life as he desires makes this a great film for trans audiences but it is also is a revelatory one for gay men. It is in essence a sexy, entertaining, if unconventional, story of two young men who fall in love.

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