Friday, December 2, 2011

The Green (2011)

Director Steven Williford, with writer and producer Paul Marcarelli, craft a compelling story in ‘The Green’. The film takes on people’s perception in a small community in Connecticut that unravels fear, trust but overall the idea that homophobia is still the biggest obstacle to overcome even in today’s liberal society.
Michael Gavin (Jason Butler Harner) leads a quiet day-to-day life with his partner Daniel (Cheyenne Jackson) in a shoreline village. But even though the charming life – which is slightly greener than living in the city – is ever accommodating it soon gets turned upside-down when Michael is accused of inappropriate behavior with a male student in the local high school.
Both writer and director have a keen eye for details, dialogue and character development. The narrative is driven by pushing the envelope from time to time without antagonizing the audience – exposing ideas without overusing the usual clichés. ‘The Green’ is a heroic independent film that not only talks about a gay issue but human nature – after all when it comes to perception sometimes everyone is quick to judge one another.


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