Sunday, October 30, 2011

Three Summers (2006)

Each summer, Jørgen and his wife who live abroad go back to Denmark, their homeland. In each occasion, they meet long-time family friends Birgitte, Peter and their son Thomas, who has a cottage just nearby. Jørgen and Thomas have something in common, both walk around the beach before going to bed whilst the others are already fast asleep. When Jørgen confronts Thomas why he is feeling so sad, Thomas reveals a secret in exchange for Jørgen's one. Then they become closer together keeping each others' best kept secrets. But through the course of the next two summers their relationship develops in a way they would never have expected...

Although it's fiction, this award-winning short film actually depicts some (if not a lot of) truth about situations in the real world. Each actor's performance is outstanding
most especially the two lead characters.

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