Sunday, August 28, 2011

Serial Rapist - Payton Collins(2011)

It is rare to view a film that has so many nods to different genres. In the case of Payton Collins Serial Rapist, director Toby Ross is able to blend horror, thriller, and erotic elements into what ey calls Darkotica. It is this ability to move seamlessly through these different genres is why the film becomes inviting, but the roles turned in by the different members of the cast is what will likely keep them. Ross s work on Payton Collins Serial Rapist does a tremendous job at breaking down any walls that may still exist when it comes to LGBT politics and horror. While Payton Collins is a horrible person in film the sheer amount of murders that go down by ey hand is astounding there is no furtherance of different stereotypes. In fact, Payton Collins Serial Rapist succeeds as a horror movie also due to the fact that it defies many of the tested and true filming setups , deciding rather to take the path less travelled. To speak more about the erotic elements of Payton Collins Serial Rapist, Toby Ross does well in infusing all of Collins actions with a certain sexuality. Nudity is present in the film, but it does not seem to be egregious in the slightest. Perfectly balanced and with understandable actions taken by the cast, Payton Collins Serial Rapist is one of the few horror movies that genuinely seem new and exciting to me. Furthermore, the story lends its to repeated viewings as different bits and pieces will become more clear on the second or third viewing.

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