Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finding Mr. Wright (2011)

When an ambitious, serious-minded talent manager is forced to attend a wilderness therapy retreat weekend to save his disastrous, Hollywood-starlet client's career, he has no clue he is about to fall unexpectedly head over heels for her new, awkward, fun-loving life-coach. The screwball comedies of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant are given a 21st-century queer bent. Matthew Montgomery stars as the beleaguered talent manager to a hard-living TV star.

Can a work-obsessed gay man find love in the shallow waters of L.A.’s entertainment industry? Clark Townsend (gay movie favorite Matthew Montgomery) is single, successful and totally hot: but he’s married to his career. He manages his best friend, TV-actress Eddy Malone (Rebekah Kochan), a hard-living, booze-loving, fratboy-fraternizing party girl. Her constant antics make Clark increasingly high strung - not to mention his cross-dressing secretary Goldie (Keye Chen), and TJ (Rasool J'Han), Eddy’s lesbian publicist, who is getting fed up with the messy drama. TJ brings handsome life counselor Pearce (David Moretti) to a party to try to help the out-of-control Eddy. Pearce knows Eddy needs help, but is immediately smitten with Clark - who is too busy cleaning up after Eddy to notice. Pearce suggests a weekend wilderness retreat to bring Eddy back down to earth – and to woo Clark. In the forest, Pearce attempts to lead this motley crew to a new outlook on life, and Clark to a romance – but will his wishes be fulfilled? Experienced television director Nancy Criss and debut screenwriter Jake Helgren bring a refreshing crispness that meshes with naturalistic, unforced performances from a superb cast.

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